MultiRights Publications

The MultiRights project publishes the MultiRights Research Paper Series in collaboration with the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). In addition, MultiRights' team members publish books, book chapters and articles.

The MultiRights Research Paper Series

  • Den europeiske menneskerettighetsdomstolen og høyesterett - Uavhengighet og demokratisk kontroll (The European Court of Human Rights and the Supreme Court - Independence and Democratic Control)
    Geir Ulfstein and Andreas Føllesdal
    Originally published as: DOMMERNES UAVHENGIGHET, pp. 443-461, Nils Asbjørn Engstad, Astrid Lærdal Frøseth, Bård Tønder, eds., Bergen: Fagbokforlaget, 2012
    MultiRights Research Paper No. 12-02
  • Globals Governance as Public Authority: Structures, Contestation, and Normative Change - The Principle of Subsidiarity as a Constitutional Principle in International Law.
    Andreas Føllesdal
    Originally published as Jean Monnet Working Paper No. 12/11
    MultiRights Research Paper No. 12-03
  • Cosmopolitan Democracy: Neither a Category Mistake nor a Categorical Imperative
    Andreas Føllesdal
    Originally published as GLOBAL DEMOCRACY, D. Archibugi, M. Koenig-Archibugi, R. Marchetti, eds., Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2011
    MultiRights Research Paper No. 12-04
  • Interpretation and the Constraints on International Courts
    Marjan Ajevski
    MultiRights Research Paper No. 12-05
  • Preconditions for Stare Decisis - What International Law can Learn from Comparative Constitutional Law
    Marjan Ajevski
    MultiRights Research Paper No. 12-06

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