A Common European Identity for European Citizenship?

In this article, PluriCourts Director Andreas Føllesdal discusses what the foundations for a shared European Identity should be.

Flags of EU member states.

Illustration: Colourbox.com.

The main questions addressed in this article are:

  • What sort of shared European identity is required for Union citizenship to be part of a sustainable, just European political and legal order?
  • Which substantive values and beliefs should be shared?
  • And is there a need for “unique” values and beliefs, exclusive among those who share citizenship?

Section 1 affirms the need for some shared values. Section 2 explores aspects of such a shared identity. Section 3 denies the need for a shared “thick” cultural identity. Likewise, section 4 questions the need for unique values. Finally, section 5 points to several challenges concerning identity and citizenship in a Union with asymmetric federal elements, especially when it is subject to asymmetric shocks.

Read the entire article here.

Tags: Legitimacy, Human Rights
Published Aug. 29, 2014 3:32 PM