Green Pluralism: Lessons for Improved Environmental Governance in the 21st Century

Article by Steinar Andresen (PluriCourts), Norichika Kanie, Peter M. Haas, Graeme Auld, Benjamin Cashore, Pamela S. Chasek, Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira, Stefan Renckens, Olav Schram Stokke, Casey Stevens, Stacy D. VanDeveer, and Masahiko Iguchi.

"In the last generation, the frequency and magnitude of environmental degradation has been unprecedented. Partly as a result, environmental problems are increasingly global in nature, even as many the effects of “traditional” environmental issues such as air and water pollution, and waste management, persist and worsen. The situation is so dire that many problems have already achieved, or are heading towards irreversible changes with negative consequences for a healthy planet."*

The article was published in Environmental Magazine Vol. 55, No. 5 (pdf).


* J. Rockström et al. (2009) "A safe operating space for humanity", Nature, 461: 472-5.
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