Strengthening the Validity of International Criminal Tribunals

Special Issue of the International Criminal Law Review (Volume 17), edited by Postdoctoral Fellow Joanna Nicholson.

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The special issue is the result of a Conference on the Validity of International Criminal Tribunals, held in Oslo in 2016.


  • The Future of the International Criminal Court. On Critique, Legalism and Strengthening the ICC’s Legitimacy, Marieke de Hoon
  • Africa and the Legitimacy of the ICC in Question, Mandiaye Niang
  • Searching for Deterrence at the International Criminal Court, Geoff Dancy
  • Strengthening the Effectiveness of International Criminal Law through the Principle of Legality, Joanna Nicholson
  • Strengthening the Evaluation of Evidence in International Criminal Trials, Yvonne McDermott
  • The Significance of Institutional Culture in Enhancing the Validity of International Criminal Tribunals, Hemi Mistry
  • The Management of Third-party Amicus Participation before International Criminal Tribunals: Juggling Efficiency and Legitimacy, Avidan Kent and Jamie Trinidad
Tags: Criminal law, Legitimacy, Effects, Function
Published July 31, 2017 11:20 AM - Last modified Dec. 1, 2017 9:48 AM