The Katanga Reparation Order at the International Criminal Court: Developing the Emerging Reparation Practice of the Court

Article by Juan Pablo Pérez León Acevedo, published in Nordic Journal of Human Rights.


On 24 March 2017, Trial Chamber II of the International Criminal Court issued its reparation order against Germain Katanga in favour of victims of crimes for which he had been convicted. The present article analyses this order, including areas where Trial Chamber II arguably contributed to the development of the emerging reparation practice of the International Criminal Court. This article generally finds that the Katanga reparation order both built up on previous reparation case law of the International Criminal Court, and fleshed out some aspects of the law and practice of the reparation system of the said judicial institution. In discussing the Katanga reparation order, topics such as reparation principles, reparation award elements, victimhood, modalities and types of reparations as well as reparation implementation challenges are examined within the unique and complex context of the reparation system of the International Criminal Court.

The article is available here.

Tags: Criminal law
Published May 28, 2018 10:10 AM - Last modified June 28, 2018 1:31 PM