Public Reason and Courts

Book edited by Silje Langvatn, Mattias Kumm and Wojciech Sadurski, published on Cambridge University Press.

Public Reason and Courts is an interdisciplinary study of ideas of public reason in the context of constitutional and international courts. It has contributions from leading scholars in legal theory, political philosophy, and political science, including chapters by Micah Schwartzman, Ronald C. Den Otter, Frank I. Michelman, Mohammad Fadel, Alec Stone Sweet and Eric Palmer, Jacob Barrett and Gerald F. Gaus, Alain Zysset, Sivan Shlomo Agon, Christopher F. Zurn, and the editors.

The book shows that public reason is not just an abstract theoretical concept used by political philosophers, but an idea that spurs new perspectives and normative frameworks also for legal scholars and judges. In particular, the book demonstrates the potential, and the limitations, of public reason as a source of legitimacy for courts, in a context where many courts face political backlash and crisis of trust.

The book is available here

Tags: Legitimacy, Human Rights
Published July 20, 2020 11:30 AM - Last modified Aug. 7, 2020 1:52 PM