The Legitimacy of Investment Arbitration - Empirical Perspecties.

Book edited by Daniel BehnOle Kristian Fauchald, and Malcolm Langford published by Cambridge University Press. 

About the book

International investment arbitration remains one of the most controversial areas of globalisation and international law. This book provides a fresh contribution to the debate by adopting a thoroughly empirical approach. Based on new datasets and a range of quantitative, qualitative and computational methods, the contributors interrogate claims and counter-claims about the regime's legitimacy. The result is a nuanced picture about many of the critiques lodged against the regime, whether they be bias in arbitral decision-making, close relationships between law firms and arbitrators, absence of arbitral diversity, and excessive compensation. The book comes at a time when several national and international initiatives are under way to reform international investment arbitration. The authors discuss and analyse how the regime can be reformed and ow a process of legitimation might occur.

Published Feb. 22, 2022 8:39 AM - Last modified June 27, 2022 9:27 AM