Legitimacy Beyond the State: Normative and Conceptual Questions

Special issue edited by N. P. Adams, Antoinette Scherz and Cord Schmelzle in Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy.

About the special issue

The essays collected in this special issue explore what legitimacy means for actors and institutions that do not function like traditional states but nevertheless wield significant power in the global realm. They are connected by the idea that the specific purposes of non-state actors and the contexts in which they operate shape what it means for them to be legitimate and so shape the standards of justification that they have to meet. In this introduction, we develop this guiding methodology further and show how the special issue’s individual contributions apply it to their cases. In the first section, we provide a sketch of our purpose-dependent theory of legitimacy beyond the state. We then highlight two features of the institutional context beyond the state that set it apart from the domestic case: problems of feasibility and the structure of international law.

Table of Contents (published online)

1.   Legitimacy Beyond the State: Institutional Purposes and Contextual Constraints
N. P. Adams (McMaster University), Antoinette Scherz (University of Oslo), and Cord Schmelzle (Freie Universität Berlin)  

2.   Legitimacy and Institutional Purpose
N. P. Adams (Goethe University Frankfurt)

3.   Global Democracy and Feasibility
Eva Erman (Stockholm University) & Jonathan W. Kuyper (Queen’s University Belfast)

4.   The International Rule of Law
Carmen Pavel (King’s College London)

5.   The Arbitrary Circumscription of the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court
Thomas Christiano (University of Arizona)

6.   The UN Security Council, Normative Legitimacy and the Challenge of Specificity
Antoinette Scherz (University of Oslo) & Alain Zysset (University of Glasgow)

7.   The legitimacy of occupation authority: beyond just war theory
Cord Schmelzle (Freie Universität Berlin)

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