Cambridge Studies on International Courts and Tribunals

Cambridge Studies on International Courts and Tribunals contains theoretical and interdisciplinary scholarship on legal aspectsas well as the legitimacy and effectiveness of international courts and tribunals.

About the series

Cambridge Studies on International Courts and Tribunals publishes theoretical and analytical scholarship on the content, impact and broader implications of the emerging international judiciary, such as the regional human rights courts (including the European Court of Human Rights), the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, the WTO dispute settlement system, and the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The general editors of the series are Andreas Føllesdal and Geir Ulfstein, co-directors of PluriCourts.

So far there are twenty books published in the series: 


Researching the European Court of Justice. Methodological Shifts and Law's Embeddedness. Edited by Mikael Rask Madsen, Fernanda Nicola, and Antoine Vauchez.

Prosecuting Environmental Harm before the International Criminal Court by Matthew Gillett.

Beyond Fragmentation: Cross-Fertilization, Cooperation and Competition among International Courts and Tribunals. Edited by Chiara Giorgetti and Mark Pollack.

International Commercial Courts: The Future of Transnational Adjudication. Edited by Stavros Brekoulakis and Georgios Dimitropoulos.

The Legitimacy of Investment Arbitration: Empirical Perspectives. Edited by Daniel Behn, Ole Kristian Fauchald, and Malcolm Langford.


The Application of Teachings by the International Court of Justice by Sondre Torp Helmersen.

International Procedure in Interstate Litigation and Arbitration: A Comparative Approach by Eric de Brabandere.


Adjudicating Trade and Investment Disputes. Convergence or Divergence? Edited by Szilárd Gáspár-Szilágyi, Daniel Behn, and Malcolm Langford.

Public Reason and Courts. Edited by Silje Langvatn, Mattias Kumm and Wojciech Sadurski.

International Judicial Review. When Should International Courts Intervene? Edited by Shai Dothan.


International Judicial Practice on the Environment. Questions of Legitimacy. Edited by Christina Voigt. 

Human Rights Norms in ‘Other' International Courts. Edited by Martin Scheinin.

Legitimacy of 'Unseen Actors' in International Adjudication. Edited by Freya Baetens.


Legitimacy and International Courts. Edited by Nienke Grossman, Harlan Grant Cohen, Andreas Follesdal, Geir Ulfstein.

The Legitimacy of International Trade Courts and Tribunals. Edited by Robert Howse, Hélène Ruiz-Fabri, Geir Ulfstein, and Michelle Q. Zang.

The Performance of International Courts and Tribunals. Edited by Theresa Squatrito, Oran R. Young, Andreas Follesdal, and Geir Ulfstein.

International Courts and Domestic Politics. Edited by Marlene Wind.


The Legitimacy of International Criminal Tribunals. Edited by Nobuo Hayashi and Cecilia M. Bailliet.

Judicial Dialogue and Human Rights. Edited by Amrei Müller.


A Farewell to Fragmentation. Reassertion and Convergence in International Law. Edited by Mads Andenæs and Eirik Bjørge.


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