Court of Justice of the EU

Here you find information on official data on the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU), and available research datasets on this court.

Official Sources

At the CJEU's website you can find all the official data on the cases and brief information on the biographies of the judges in the court.


Research Data

Data on preliminary reference cases filed between 1997 and 2008

Daniel Naurin and colleagues have collected data on all preliminary reference cases filed between 1997 and 2008. The data includes, among other things, coding of the positions of the member states, the General Advocate, the Commission and the CJEU on a legal integration scale. Publications based on the data include Larsson and Naurin 2016, Larsson, Naurin, Derlén and Lindholm 2016 and Cramér, Larsson, Moberg and Naurin 2016. The codebook and the dataset will be available at this site spring 2021.


European Court of Justice Data

Carrubba and Gabel have collected data on member state observations and CJEU decisions in all cases decided between 1959 and 1999. The database and codebook are available at Clifford J. Carrubba’s homepage. In Carrubba, Gabel and Hankla's article from 2008 “Judicial Behavior under Political Constraints: Evidence from the European Court of Justice” they use these data and examine how threats of noncompliance and legislative override influence the Court’s decisions. They find that the positions of member-state governments do have an important impact on CJEU decisions. The codebook, dataset and replication materials are available at Carrubba’s homepage. At Carrubba's homepage, you can also find replication data for Carrubba and Gabel's book "International Courts and the Performance of International Agreements: A General Theory with Evidence from the European Union". 


Datasets on Preliminary References in EC Law

Alec Stone Sweet and Thomas L. Brunell have collected data on preliminary references and rulings, enforcement actions brought by the Commission against the Member States, and judicial review of the legality of Community Acts. The data is updated until 2006. The dataset and codebook is available at the website of the Integrated Project on New Modes of Governance. Sweet and Brunell have also a dataset on preliminary references from 1961 until 1998. Codebook and dataset are available at Thomas Brunell’s website. They use this dataset in their article from 1998 “The European Court and the National Courts: A Statistical Analysis of Preliminary References, 1961-95” which studies the European legal integration, and the authors examine the relationship between the ECJ and national judges.


The National Decisions Database (Dec.Nat.)

The national decisions database contains data on 1) the national case law regarding European Union law, and 2) the reference to annotations and comments in books and articles related to national decisions and judgments delivered under the preliminary ruled procedure by the Court of Justice of the European Union concerning those matters. This database contains about 29,350 references to national decisions concerning Community law from 1959 up to the present day. It has been lastly brought up to date on 31th January 2017. The database allows researchers to get beyond the focus on decisions of the CJEU to get a better understanding of the larger universe of cases where national courts apply European law.

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