Investor-State Dispute Settlement

Data on Investor-State Dispute Settlements

Official Sources

The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)’s webpage contains a Cases database where you can make advanced searches and find information on both concluded and pending cases in ICSID. 


Research data

PluriCourts Investment Treaty Arbitration Database

Researchers at PluriCourts are currently working on a database on investment treaty arbitration. More information on the project is available at PluriCourts webpage.


UNCTAD’s IIA databases

UNCTAD provides several databases that facilitate research on international investment law by International Investment agreement (IIA) stakeholders.The IIA Navigator contains 3300 treaties and model agreements dating from 1959 to present day. The database allows for advanced searches by type of agreement, geographical region, country grouping, treaty status, full text, and treaty language. The IIA Mapping Project is a collaborative initiative between UNCTAD and universities worldwide to map the content of IIAs. The IIA Mapping Project database provides a detailed analysis of over 1,900 investment agreements based on 100 options for treaty design. It offers a tool for policymakers and researchers to analyze trends in the drafting of investment treaties. The Investment Dispute Settlement Navigator is a comprehensive and regularly updated collection of treaty-based international arbitrations between investors and States. It contains essential information about each case and offers many user-friendly tools for searching and filtering the data.



Italaw is a comprehensive and free database on investment treaties, international investment law and investor-state arbitration.


Investor-State Lawguide (ISLG)

ISLG is an electronic research tool for international investment treaty law. Its collection includes decisions and awards for investment-treaty claims cases (primarily NAFTA and ICSID), arbitration rules, and investment and trade treaties and agreements. ISLG also has a citator service for determining whether arbitral decisions have been cited by tribunals in subsequent cases. The ISLG database is a commercial service that requires subscription.

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