The International Court of Justice

Official sources and research data on the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Official Sources

Official documents and a list of all the cases in the International Court of Justice are available at the Court's webpage.


Research data

Eric Posner and Miguel de Figueiredo (2005) examine the voting patterns of ICJ judges. They test whether judges vote in the interest of the state of which they are a national rather than inforce international law in a disinterested way, and they find support for this claim. They use data on the voting pattern of ICJ judges. The data contain detailed information about the types of decisions under consideration, the background of the judges, and national characteristics of judges and disputants. They code judges as voting in favor of the applicant if he or she dissented because the majority opinion did not give everything that the applicant sought (page 611). The dataset also includes variables on region, military, wealth, democracy, culture and United Nation Organization.

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