International Criminal Law Round Up - Week 48

The International Criminal Law group at PluriCourts regularly provides updates on news, blog posts and issues related to international criminal tribunals. Here are the updates from week 48 2016.


  • 1 December: Statement of ICC Prosecutor on the occasion of the opening of the trial against Amadou Haya Sanogo and other suspects before the Malian judicial system: ‘Complementarity is central to the Rome Statute system’, ICC
  • 1 December: Nambia will stay in ICC- if US joins, says President, NYT
  • 1 December: Ethnic cleansing going on in South Sudan, UN Commission, NYT
  • 30 November: Pol Pot was ‘gentle’, nephew tells Khmer Rouge tribunal,The Cambodia Daily
  • 30 November: Montenegro arrests Croatian Serb war crimes convict, Balkan Insight
  • 30 November: UN: Rohingya may be enduring ‘crimes against humanity’, Al Jazeera
  • 29 November: Ethiopia: After years on the run, Eshetu Alemu will face trial, iLawyer
  • 29 November: Opening of the trial in the Ongwen case on 6 December, ICC      
  • 29 November: TFV Board: Closure for victims is the true measure of international justice, ICC
  • 29 November: Sri Lanka leader asks Trump’s help to drop war crimes charges, The Indian Express
  • 28 November: UN appoints Nigeria’s Olufemi Elias registrar International Residual Mechanism, PM News
  • 28 November: Hague tribunal to open information centre in Sarajevo, Balkan Insight                            
  • 28 November: Rodrigo Duterte shrugs off ‘bull****’ ICC threat, Al Jazeera
  • 28 November: German court upholds former Auschwitz guard’s conviction, NYT
  • 28 November: German lawyers seek criminal case against Syria’s Assad, Al Jazeera


  • 1 December: Laura Nacyte, Intersex, outcast- The limits of gender at the ICC, JiC
  • 30 November: Marty Lederman, Initial GTMO PRB decisions now completed, with 29 remaining uncharged and uncleared law-of-war detainees, Just Security
  • 29 November: Marieke de Hoon and Kjersti Lohne, Negotiating justice at the ASP: From crisis to constructive dialogue, EJIL Talk
  • 29 November: Mark Kersten, Five things to know about the ICC’s Afghanistan investigation, JiC
  • 29 November: Beth van Schaak, Crowd-funding for the ICC’s trust fund for victims, IntLawGrrls
  • 29 November: Rachel Killean, ECCC rejects Joint Criminal Enterprise III, IntLawGrrls
  • 26 November: Valerie Oosterveld, ICC Assembly finishes for another year, IntLawGrrls
  • 25 November: Van Badham, Rape is a crime in war and peace. Australia must step up and prosecute war crimes, The Guardian


Questions of International Law:

Assessing the gravity threshold under the ICC Statute: Criteria and methods in the light of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla Case

  • Introduced by Emanuele Cimiotta and Chiara Ragni
  • Marco Longobardo, Factors relevant for the assessment of sufficient gravity in the ICC. Proceedings and the elements of international crimes
  • Chantal Meloni, The ICC preliminary examination of the Flotilla situation: An opportunity to contextualise gravity

International Criminal Law Review:

Special Issue: Lawyering in The Hague: Collected Papers from the Maastricht Seminar for ICC Counsel

  • Fabián O. Raimondo, Introduction. Lawyering in The Hague: Collected Papers from the Maastricht Seminar for ICC Counsel
  • Herman von Hebel, Remarks at the Maastricht Seminar for the List of Counsel before the International Criminal Court
  • Fabián O. Raimondo, Lawyering in The Hague: An Introduction to the Roles of Counsel Practising at the ICC
  • Dmytro Suprun, Legal Representation of Victims before the ICC: Developments, Challenges, and Perspectives
  • Luc Walleyn, Victims’ Participation in ICC Proceedings: Challenges Ahead
  • Xavier-Jean Keïta, Disclosure of Evidence in the Law and Practice of the ICC
  • Michael G. Karnavas, Defence Counsel Ethics, the ICC Code of Conduct and Establishing a Bar Association for ICC List Counsel
  • Conrad J.P. van Laer, Open Access for International Criminal Lawyers
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