International Criminal Law Roundup - Week 11

The International Criminal Law group at PluriCourts regularly provides updates on news, blog posts and issues related to international criminal tribunals. Here are the updates from week 11, 2017.


16 March: Descendants of Namibia genocide seek reparations in New York, The Guardian

16 March: Philippine lawmaker moves to impeach Duterte, NYT

15 March: The ICC can’t live with Africa, but it can’t live without it either, Huffington Post

15 March: Syria ‘the most dangerous place on earth for healthcare providers’- study, The Guardian

14 March: Poland issues arrest warrant for American man accused of being Nazi war criminal, Independent and NYT

14 March: Syria committed war crime by bombing Damascus water supply: UN, NYT

14 March: Philippines ‘hit man’ to file ICC case vs Duterte for CvH, NYT

13 March: Can it be that the ANC is doing an about-turn about the ICC? Huffington Post

13 March: UN expert fears Myanmar trying to depopulate Rohingya areas, NYT

13 March: North Korea shuns UN rights review as calls grow for justice, NYT

12 March: American standing against ICC torture inquiry, Jurist

11 March: ‘These are dangerous times’: the man who sued George W Bush and the Iraq war, The Guardian

10 March: Myanmar Muslim minority subject to horrific torture, UN say, BBC

10 March: Iraq unsure if UN help needed to probe IS crimes, NYT

10 March: Prosecutors to investigate Bosnian lawyer in failed genocide case, NYT

9 March: SA asked to appear at ICC in April over Sudan’s Bashir, Reuters Africa

9 March: UN urged to prepare for North Korea case for CvH, Reuters

9 March: Can a new court deliver long-awaited justice in CAR? WPR

9 March: Lessons from Chile for Kenya: Take heart, the fight for accountability is long, IJMonitor


16 March Belay and Cannock, Op Ed: ICC strengthened by SA’s withdrawal of the ICC repeal bill, Daily Maverick

15 March Juan Pappier, The ‘Command Responsibility’ controversy in Colombia, EJIL Talk

14 March Elvina Pothelet, The evacuation of Eastern Aleppo, Humanitarian Obligation or War Crime? EJIL Talk

10 March Jonathan Somer, Opening the floodgates, controlling the flow: Swedish court rules on the legal capacity of armed groups to establish courts, EJIL Talk

David Scheffer, Some realities behind the application for revision concerning Bosnia Herzegovina v Serbia. Just Security

Call for Papers

CICJ, Punishing International Crimes in Domestic Courts


ICC, Al Bashir, Amicus Curiae observations by the South Africa Litigation Centre pursuant to Rule 103(1) rules of evidence and procedure

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