International Criminal Law Research at PluriCourts 2016-2017

Research themes

International Criminal Law (ICL) is experiencing a mainstreaming of critique narratives questioning both the legitimacy and effectiveness of International Criminal Tribunals (ICTs). The pillar will further explore the perspectives of practitioners and conduct both normative and empirical studies. The positive and negative consequences of complementarity and the principle of the independence of the judiciary are important dimensions to assess. This will be in accordance with the pillar’s over-arching discussion of ICT’s relation to democracy, rule of law, and the principle of legality. Finally, the conference will underscore ICT’s relationship to other areas of law (inviting comparison of institutions), as well as gaps in relation to additional criminal phenomena - such as narco-trafficking and terrorism.


  • Conference on the Effectiveness of ICTs in August 2016.
  • We will publish a book or a special journal linked to the 2016 conference
  • Participation and Sponsorship of American University Conference in March 2016
  • Book Launch: The Legitimacy of International Criminal Tribunals, Hayashi & Bailliet (CUP 2016)  
  • Guest Lectures/Visiting Researchers - rolling 2016-2018
  • The pillar will continue to host ICL lunches once a month 2016-2018


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