Investment treaty arbitration

Investor - state dispute settlement on the basis of investment treaties has been increasing in recent years. Such disputes concern significant assets of investors, and they may concern policy measures of great importance to the country hosting the investment. The main rationale for channelling such disputes to international tribunals is that the investors consider that the dispute cannot be appropriately dealt with by the domestic courts of the host state. Many stakeholders and scholars have questioned the legitimacy of using ad hoc international investment tribunals to resolve such disputes. Our purpose is to explore the legitimacy concerns and search for ways to deal with them.

Affiliated Researchers


Ole Kristian Fauchald (professor, law)

Freya Baetens (professor, law)

PhD Fellows

Laura Letourneau-Tremblay (phd, law)

Runar Hilleren Lie (phd, law)

Nicola Strain (phd, law)



Malcolm Langford (Professor, law)

Daniel F. Behn (Associate professor II, law)

Helge Hveem (Prof. em.,

Tarald L. Berge (


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