Research projects

This page lists past and ongoing projects. Publications, including those that have been submitted for peer review, are listed here.

Responses to the 'legitimacy crisis' of international investment law (LEGINVEST)

LEGINVEST is a four-year research project funded by the Norwegian Research Council for the period April 2018 to March 2022. The project's primary objective is to determine the relative importance of investment treaty arbitration (ITA) for the design of international investment agreements (IIAs) and the relative importance of (re)design of IIAs for ITA. Secondary objectives of the project are to:

  1. Establish a general applicability database mapping the content of IIAs,
  2. Propose ways to enhance synergies between international investment law and policies to protect the environment, promote human rights, and facilitate sustainable development in poor countries, and
  3. Contribute to the general debate concerning the legitimacy of international courts with a comprehensive case study and a new analytical framework for assessing the relationship between the activities of courts and treaty design.

Read more about the project on the project's homepage.

PluriCourts Investment Treaty Arbitration Database (PITAD)

PITAD is a comprehensive dataset of all known investment treaty arbitration cases. This dataset is designed for general applicability and includes currently 110 coded variables that will be continually updated (through the database program, Access). The database is researcher oriented, in the sense that we will make data available to interested researchers. If you are interested in accessing our data, please contact Ole Kristian Fauchald or Daniel F. Behn. We plan to make data available through a web portal in early 2018. In addition to this standalone dataset, the database project will also create a hub for the publication of datasets on investment treaty arbitration that scholars and researchers have independently developed for their own projects. Read more about the PITAD project here.

As part of Tarald Berge's PhD project and in order to prepare a feed-in database to the PITAD, we are currently planning a database on international investment agreements. The project is undertaken in cooperation with Axel Berger and Dominique Bruhn (German Development Institute), and Peter Egger (KOF Zürich).

Book and special issue projects

  • Empirical perspectives on the legitimacy of international Investment tribunals: This edited volume aims to bring together scholars conducting empirical research in the field of investment treaty arbitration. Read more here.
  • ICSID and the Rise of Investor-State Arbitration: Taylor St. John’s monograph on the historical development of investor state arbitration, forthcoming with Oxford University Press in 2018.

Article projects, see publications

Post doc. projects

Current and future issues in EU Investment policy, lead researcher Szilárd Gáspár-Szilágyi 

  • Joint Committee interpretations under the EU’s new Free Trade and Investment Agreements (FTIAs)
  • Increasing the legitimacy of ISDS in the EU’s new Free Trade and Investment Agreements
  • Comparing the ‘right to regulate’ in EU law and the EU’s new Free Trade and Investment Agreements

PhD thesis projects

Visiting scholars

  • Catherine Rogers, Pennsylvania State University, Dickinson School of Law, and Queen Mary, University of London, project: The impact of investment arbitration on development of domestic legal institutions, 20 February - June 2016.
  • Andrew D. Mitchell, Melbourne Law School, project: The concept of non‐discrimination and judicial dialogue between trade and investment courts, 3 August - 2 October 2015.
  • Gus van Harten, Osgoode Hall Law School, project: Arbitrator reasoning, 1-30 August 2015.
  • David Collins, City University London, project title: Towards a Grand Unified Theory of International Economic Law,  29 September to 10 October 2014.

Applications for funding

  • We have submitted a proposal for funding under the Horizon2020 call Europe as a Global Actor - Europe's contribution to a value-based global order and its contestants. The title of the proposal is: Operationalizing a just and sustainable international investment policy for Europe (JustInvest). The proposal was not funded. More info.
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