Trade and Investment Research at PluriCourts 2016-2017

Research topics


What are the purposes behind the development of, respectively, bilateral, regional and global ICs in trade and investment? Who and what are the drivers? Possible cooperation with iCourts.


Does the role of the legal counsel/secretariats, advocates and the composition of ICs support the rule of law or lead to a politicized system? Comparisons between trade and investment ICs in this respect?

Consistency and fragmentation

Does the proliferation of trade and investment tribunals lead to more international rule of law, or more fragmented international law (both within each of the two regimes, and between the regimes)? Does this development lead to more effective fulfilment of the purposes of the two regimes, or the opposite?

The relationship between the international and national level

To what extent do trade and investment IC apply the principle of subsidiarity, for example in respecting ‘national regulatory space’?


Does the increasing judicialization of trade and investment lead to more effective fulfilment of the purposes of the regimes? Does it come at the expense of other interests, such as human rights and the environment?



  • February: Co-hosting research workshop on IIAs and ISDS at Centre Universitaire de Norvège a Paris with Helge Hveem
  • April: Workshop Pushing Boundaries: Potential effects of international adjudication on treaty practice in the Russian and Norwegian Context in St Petersburg
  • April/May: Mini-workshop on arbitrator behavior April/May 2016. Comparative Investment and WTO (with a focus on panel procedure and the call for appellate structures in ISDS)
  • May/June: Mini-workshop on Regime Bias? The Role of Democratic Governance in Investment Treaty Arbitration
  • August: Conference: Adjudicating international trade and investment disputes: between  interaction and isolation
  • Late fall 2016 / early 2017: Book launch Empirical Perspectives on Investment Treaty Arbitration
  • Late fall: Book launch International Trade Tribunals: Legitimacy
  • Development of the PluriCourts Investment Treaty Arbitration Database (PITAD)
  • Development of an investment treaty data base


  • Spring: Conference on empirical approaches to the legitimacy debate on ISDS – launching of PITAD
  • Spring: Mini-workshop on the relationship between national courts and domestic laws and investment and trade ICs, with a focus on EU
  • Spring: Mini-workshop on compensation commissions
  • Spring: Launching of investment treaty data base
  • Fall: Conference/workshop on human rights
  • Fall: Conference/workshop related to postdoc project: The role of secretariats
  • Fall: Conference/workshop related to postdoc project: The EU as a global actor


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