One of the Centre’s main tasks is research into the basic elements of Norway’s cooperation with the European Union: the rules concerning the four freedoms, competition, and non-discrimination, as well as how developments in EU law affect the EEA Agreement and Norwegian law generally.

In building up competence in EU and EEA law at both the Centre and the Faculty as a whole the Centre should aim at researching EEA-related subjects that are important for Norwegian society, and that are not a focus of the Faculty’s departments.

In this perspective there are some areas that distinguish themselves. Firstly, key subjects of substantive EU/EEA law not researched elsewhere at the Faculty, such as “the four freedoms” and the rules on public procurement.

Furthermore, the Centre focuses on the the legal aspects of Norway’ and other non-EU member’s associations with the EU. Besides the EEA Agreement, Norway cooperates with the EU in areas such as the Schengen Area, asylum (the “Dublin Agreement”), judicial cooperation, as well as foreign and security policy. These areas are important both in order to understand the legal aspects of Norway’s relations with the EU in areas that are not covered by the EEA Agreement,  and to understand the legal aspects of, and variations among, the EU’s neighbourhood policy.

At the Centre we also conduct research into the policy and institutional developments in the EU with relevance for Norway and its cooperation with the rest of Europe. Of particular importance in this connection are the legal aspects of the EU’s external relations, enlargement of the Union, and “Brexit”. But also more fundamental issues arise in this context, including the interactions between the Union and its member states’ legal orders, and the foundations of the European integration process.


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