Contemporary Debates in the Philosophy of Human Rights

Convenors: Inga Bostad and Claudio Corradetti

The seminar consists of eight meetings of the duration of 1 hour and ½ each. After an overall presentation of the author’s chapters by the conveners (15-20 min), the floor will be open to discussion. The goal of the seminars is to foster a critical debate and to provide participants with an overall understanding of the major topics in contemporary legal and political thought.

Selected key chapters are available via hyperlinks below

Friday 6 February Tore Lindholm

Christian Reus-Smit, Individual Rights and the Making of the International Systems, CUP, Cambridge, 2013

Suggested Reading:

Your may, if you are unable to read the book, read the author's presentation of its main idea in  Christian Reus-Smit, "Human Rights in a Global Ecumene" here, International Affairs (Vol.87, No.5), pp.1205-1218

Reus-Smit, Christian 2011 "Struggles for Individual Rights and the Expansion of the International System", Organization 65 (02): 207-42.

Friday 20 March Helgard Mahrdt

Hannah Arendt,The Decline of the Nation-State and the End of the Rights of Man, Chap. 9 in The Origins of Totalitarism (1951), pp. 267-302.

Suggested Reading:

Hanna Arendt: "We Refugees," (1943) in: The Jewish Writings ed. by Jerome Kohn and Ron Feldman, New Yourk Schocken Books 2007, pp. 264-274

Friday 10 April Kristoffer Liden

Jürgen Habermas, 'Kant`s Idea of Perpetual Peace: At Two Hundered Years`Historical Remove,' in The Inclusion of the Other: Study in Political Theory, ed. Ciaran Cronin and Pablo De Greiff, Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press, 1999: 167-201.

Monday 18 Mai Gorana Ognjenovic

Human Rights from a social philosophical perspective.

Ulrich Beck Critical Theory of World Risk Society: A Cosmopolitan Vision, Constellations, 16,1 2009.

Friday 5 June Henrik Syse and Greg Reichberg (POSTPONED to 25 September)

Secular and Religious Approaches to International Ethics, Law, and Rights: How Are They Different.

Pref. and Introd. to Gregory Reichberg, Henrik Syse & Nicloe Hartwell (eds.), Religion, Ethics, and War - a Sourcebook of Textual Traditions, Cambridge. Cambridge University Press, 2014

Friday 19 June Dina Townsend (POSTPONED date to be announced)

R. Rorty, Human Rights, Rationality and Senimentality, in "Truth and Progress, Philosopical Papers", vol. 3, chap. 9, 167-185.


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