Contemporary Debates in the Philosophy of Human Rights

Convenors: Inga Bostad and Claudio Corradetti.

The seminar consists of a series of meetings of the duration of 1 hour and ½ each. After an overall presentation of the author’s chapters by the conveners (15-20 min), the floor will be open to discussion. The goal of the seminars is to foster a critical debate and to provide participants with an overall understanding of the major topics in contemporary legal and political thought.

Selected key chapters will be linked to this web page.


October 22 Claudio Corradetti: J.Waldron “Dignity, Rank and Rights”, The Tanner Lectures on Human Values, 2009, 209-253

November 17 Dina Townsend: Jeff Malpas “Place and experience: A philosophical topography” (1999).

December 8 Nadim Khoury: C.Kukathas, “Responsibility for past injustice: how to shift the burden”, PPE, 2003, 165-190


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