Lecture with James Nickel: "What Future for Human Rights?"

This seminar with James Nickel explores some recent developments that have combined to make recent years a bad time for human rights. 

The presentation will begin with a few ideas from the speaker's recent essay, "What Future for Human Rights?". 

Other topics will include:

(1) Backlog (limited capacity and overloading in human rights institutions);

(2) Backlash (resistance to human rights courts, NGOs, and diplomacy; and

(3) Background Conditions (conditions for the realization of human rights are absent in many countries).

Ample time will be allowed for discussion.

Recommended advance reading includes:

"What Future for Human Rights?",  "Ethics and International Affairs" 28 (2014): 213-223

The Guardian (26.08.2015): Human rights organizations and campaign groups are facing their biggest crackdown in a generation as a wave of countries pass restrictive laws and curtail activity.

Posner, The Twilight of Human Rights Law: https://www.opendemocracy.net/openglobalrights/eric-posner/twilight-of-human-rights-law

Coffee, tea and fruit will be served.


Published Sep. 17, 2015 3:54 PM