Guest lecture by José Zalaquett: "Human Rights - Past and Future"

Guest lecture by José Zalaquett a Chilean lawyer with extensive international experience with transitional justice and human rights.

Foto El Dínamo: José Zalaquett

About José Zalaquett:

After the 1973 coup in Chile, Prof. Zalaquett headed the Human Rights Department of the Committee for Peace in Chile that provided legal assistance to thousands of political prisoners and their families. For this work, he was imprisoned and expelled from Chile in 1976 and not allowed to return until 1986.

In April 1990, he was appointed by the President of Chile to serve on the National Commission for Truth and Reconciliation, a body responsible for a report to the nation about the worst human rights abuses committed during the Pinochet regime (1973 to 1990). He has since served as a member and then president of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and taken part in human rights efforts all around the world. The recipient of a MacArthur Foundation award, among many others, Zalaquett holds an honorary degree from the University of Notre Dame. Prof. Zalaquett is currently a professor of human rights at the Law School of the University of Chile.

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