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And "Titoism, Self-Determination, Nationalism, Cultural Memory Volume Two, Tito's Yugoslavia, Stories Untold"

Editors: Ognjenović, Gorana, Jozelić, Jasna (Eds.)

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Does the food industry have a responsibility to respect the right to adequate food and diet-related Health?

FoHRC - Food, Human Rights and Corporations, the National Nutrition Council and FIAN Norway are happy to invite you to a seminar about Human Rights and Healthy Diets.

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- A short introduction and welcome by director Inga Bostad to our new Associate Professor Jakob Elster

- Inaugural lecture 45 minutes

- Questions and discussion 20 - 30 minutes

- Reception

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In June 2015, the 25th Annual Dignity Conference took place in Kigali, Rwanda, see www.humiliationstudies.org/whoweare/annualmeeting/25.php. In March, however, it seemed that the conference could not happen.

The reason was that Evelin Lindner's doctoral dissertation, titled The Psychology of Humiliation: Somalia, Rwanda / Burundi, and Hitler's Germany (UiO, 2000), seemingly, was misinterpreted as condoning genocide as an understandable and thus legitimate outcome of humiliation.

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The lecture by Professor Davis will focus on the US Bar's response to the Torture Memos, framed in the larger discussion of lawyers' roles in government settings.

Followed by presentations by Gisle Kvanvig and Knut Aspelund, and Asbjørn Rachlew will reflect on Davis presentation and lead the discussion after.

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The seminar addresses dilemmas that arise between pursuing an academic career and maintaining other aspects of a fulfilling life. It is aimed at colleagues in the PhD / PostDoc phase, especially in the disciplines of law, philosophy and political science, both men and women. Many are under pressure to publish and take on administrative tasks and teaching, - often in an unfamiliar culture, and sometimes also with obligations of care.

The seminar is organised by PluriCourts as part of its 'Publish and Flourish' mentoring programme; the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights; and the Equality and Diversity Committee at the Faculty of Law.

Convenors Andreas Føllesdal and Inga Bostad.

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Jorunn J. Buckley, Professor of Religion Emerita, will hold a lecture about the Mandaeans, the third group of monotheists according to the Qur`an and their freedom of religion in the world today.

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Introduction speech by Jan Helgesen: Declaration on Human Rights Defenders

Key Speech by Mr. Michel Forst UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders with a focus on groups at risk, the most vulnerable HRD and why a strong support is needed.

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FIAN Norway and FoHRC - Food, Human Rights and Corporations are happy to invite you to seminar on Investments and Land Rights.

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Benjamin Gregg, Professor of Political and Social Theory at the University of Texas, will hold a lecture on human rights challenges in light of technological advances in the field of genetic engineering.

In this seminar, Professor Gregg will present his proposals for how best to understand and advance human rights, in particular with respect to issues of human genetic engineering.

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The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights will be hosting a conference on Transitional Justice and the rule of law in post-conflict settings: Exchange of experiences and lessons learned between international and local experts - see programme here.