Seminar: "A Life Worth Living - a University Career and More"

The seminar addresses dilemmas that arise between pursuing an academic career and maintaining other aspects of a fulfilling life. It is aimed at colleagues in the PhD / PostDoc phase, especially in the disciplines of law, philosophy and political science, both men and women. Many are under pressure to publish and take on administrative tasks and teaching, - often in an unfamiliar culture, and sometimes also with obligations of care.

The seminar is organised by PluriCourts as part of its 'Publish and Flourish' mentoring programme; the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights; and the Equality and Diversity Committee at the Faculty of Law.

Convenors Andreas Føllesdal and Inga Bostad.


The Challenges

Many of the challenges of finding a good work-life balance strike most academics at the PhD and PostDoc stages.
Other challenges may particularly affect women. For instance, everybody may hit a 'glass-ceiling' when the universities are more hesitant to offer permanent employment; and global competition becomes more prevalent at many faculties.
Some dilemmas are particularly urgent for everyone with care responsibilities, both men and women.

What can be done about this? The seminar seeks to identify practical suggestions and activities for the universities, the various faculties and departments - as well as helpful ideas for the individual scholar.

Pro-Rector Ragnhild Hennum, Dean Dag Michaelsen and Associate Professor Vibeke Blaker Strand introduce the issues, followed by a panel discussion.

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