The Norwegian Centre for Human Rights 30th Anniversary Seminar

The 30th anniversary is an opportunity to take stock of the conditions for promotion and protection of human rights globally – based on the experiences of the NCHR and our partners. It is equally an occasion to address current and future challenges for human rights work internationally.

Photograph: UiO

The keynote speeches will be followed by a panel with representatives from the Foreign Ministry, internationally renowned human rights experts, representatives from civil society, youth and academia, addressing key areas for the improvement of human rights protection internationally. Among some of those invited are Professor Philip Alston, NYU School of Law, Ambassador Natalie Sabanadze, Georgia's Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU (prior to her current position, Sabanadze worked as the senior adviser to the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities in The Hague), Director Morten Kjaerum, Raoul Wallenberg Institute. Representatives from the NCHR will present examples current research at the Centre combined with a look at the development in a historic perspective.

In connection with the anniversary, the Centre is organising an essay competition titled “Youth for human rights – rising to the challenge of new threats against rights advocacy and institutions”. It is open for all master students currently attending a Norwegian university, The winner will be announced and recieve the prize at the anniversary seminar.

See the programme here

Two seminars in addition to this one, are arranged in connection with the anniversary, you can read about them here:

How to do What We do When We do it? On Methods in Human Rights Research

Seminar: The Idea of Human Rights under Pressure

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