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Freedom of Religion or Belief

The Oslo Coalition represents the NCHR engagement within freedom of religion or belief. We work together with international partners in order to establish freedom of religion or belief as a right to be shared by all, and something that should be supported and promoted by all religions and beliefs.

What do we do?

The Oslo Coalition works to develop solid and relevant knowledge in order to increase the right to freedom of religion or belief. The NCHR contributes, among other things, to dialogue in cooperation with religious actors, in order to prevent religious extremism and support actors of reform.

Our projects deals with freedom of religion or belief in connection with gender and sexual orientation, the relationship between freedom of religion and expression, the rights of children and work against violent extremism.

Why is this important?

The right to freedom of religion or belief is under pressure, due to the increased politicisation both of religion itself and of belief-based discrimination. The Oslo Coalition works to include all religious and other belief-based communities in its work for Freedom of Religion or Belief. You can see the Oslo Coalition's current programmes here.

For questions concerning Freedom of Religion or Belief, contact Lena Larsen.

3 selected results:

  • Religious leaders are included in the work to prevent child marriages through the development of religious arguments against child marriages
  • In the groundbreaking book Gender and Equality in Muslim Family Law, various Muslim contributors discus women’s rights within Islam. Starting with religious traditions and religious writings, the contributors discuss present Family Law in Muslim countries, and present arguments to advance gender equality. The book is the fruit of a dialogue between religious leaders and academics over a number of years, initiated and facilitated by the Oslo Coalition.
  • The book Facilitating Freedom of Religion or Belief, a Deskbook is a vital tool in the promotion of freedom of religion or belief in a number of countries, and is published in several languages.

Want to know more about what we do? 

Download FoRB Concept note


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