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Human Rights and Business

The NCHR offers an important academic base for studies and discussions concerning Human Rights and Business, through master courses, PhD positions, academic publications and seminars.

Central Kalimantan, Indonesia: Truck transporting oil palm fruits to a refinery.

What do we do?

In Indonesia, the NCHR works to further the positions of local communities in contact with corporations, especially within the palm oil industry, concerning conflicts dealing withland ownership. The NCHR works, among other things, to strengthen the human rights regime in enforcing local law.

For questions concerning human rights and business, contact Aksel Tømte.

3 selected results:

  • Field studies in the palm oil sector, conducted by the NCHR and our partners, have created debate in Indonesia. After these studies and the discussions, one of the companies has had its permission to conduct its plantations withdrawn by the Department of Forestry.
  • Vietnamese and Norwegian experts have examined the conduct of Norwegian businesses in Vietnam. This work will result in new guidelines for local business conduct.
  • Our partners in Indonesia have presented a handbook in how to strengthen local democracy and general human rights in rural areas. The handbook will be used by those who shall present local laws in the villages. Download handbook (Indonesian PDF).

Want to know more about what we do?

Download Business and Human Rights Concept Note


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