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Human Rights Mechanisms

NCHR works to achieve universal access to information, help protect fundamental freedoms and bridge the existing implementation gap. Civil society engagement and awareness of the work conducted by the UN human rights mechanisms is important in order to make state authorities honour their human rights commitments.

Human Rights Council Opens 33rd Session | by US Mission Geneva.

What we do

We work on strengthening civil society’s knowledge of the UN Human Rights Mechanisms, as a means to promote human rights nationally as well as to increase the legitimacy of the international human rights system globally. We strive to make human rights known, so citizens can gain insight and knowledge in order to engage with the implementation and fulfilment of human rights.

Our ongoing projects includes a training of academics and civil society representatives from partner countries on UN Human Rights Mechanisms in Geneva, conducting regional meetings on UN Human Rights Mechanisms, and contributing to academic exchange on  human rights treaty body reform.

Why is this important?

Increasing civil society’s awareness of the work conducted by the UN Human Rights Council and knowledge of the UN Human Rights Mechanisms is vital to the realisation of human rights. The goal is that recommendations from the UN treaty bodies and Universal Periodic Reviews are well-known, making citizens able to hold their own authorities responsible for the fulfilment of human rights. NCHR works to increase the ability of academics and civil society to engage with the human rights mechanisms in order to follow-up on recommendations and promote human rights nationally.

Want to know more about what we do?

Download UN Human Rights Mechanisms concept note





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