Increasing access to Indonesian human rights literature

Eko Riyadi, head of NCHR's long-time partner The Centre for Human Rights Studies at the Islamic University of Indonesia (Pusham UII) recently published a new Indonesian textbook on human rights law.

BOOK LAUNCH: Choirul Anam, Commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission, Tito Kurniawan, Head of the Indonesian police, Mahfud MD, former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court,  Suparman Marzuki, former head of Indonesias Judicial Commission and former head of Pusham UII, Eko Riyadi, current head of Pusham UII. (Photo: Pusham UII). 

In 2008, Pusham UII and NCHR published the book Hukum Hak Asasi Manusia (Human Rights Law), a textbook designed for undergraduate students. This book has become part of the curriculum at dozens of law faculties across Indonesia but needed to be updated to account for recent developments over the last ten years (Download the book from Pusham UII’s website).

Joint book launch

The new textbook titled Hukum Hak Asasi Manusia – Perspektif Internasional, Regional dan Nasional (Human rights law - international, regional and national perspectives) was launched in Yogyakarta on March 31, combined with the launch of two books written by Suparman Marzuki, in an effort to increase access to high-quality academic literature on human rights in Indonesian.

Aksel Tømte from the NCHR together with Choirul Anam, Commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission. (Photo: Pusham UII)

Marzuki is the former head of Pusham UII and former head of Indonesia’s Judicial Commission, a body that was established as part of Indonesia democratic reform efforts to monitor the performance of judges. His books are titled Etika dan Kode Etik Profesi Hukum (ethics and the ethical code for legal practitioners) and Hukum Hak Asasi Manusia (human rights law). 

Seminar on Challenges for Constitutional Human Rights

The book launches took place at a seminar on 'Realities and Challenges for Constitutional Human Rights in years of political campaigning'. The opening speech was given by Indonesia’s National Police Chief Tito Kurniawan, who spoke about democratic challenges related to identity politics, class divide and negative campaigning. 

Professor Hj. Ni’matul Huda from the Islamic University of Indonesia presented on the risks of conflict in the upcoming regional elections. Commissioner Choirul Anam from the National Commission on Human Rights presented on the fulfilment of constitutional rights at regional elections, with focus on marginal groups, and Aksel Tømte from NCHR spoke about human rights and natural resource management in relation to regional elections at the event. The full seminar can be watched on youtube.

Sustainable results

NCHR and Pusham UII have over the years cooperated on a range of activities related to human right education, including on training human rights lecturers, curriculum development and the training of judges. However, the book by Eko Riyadi and Pusham UII was produced and published without any involvement from NCHR - either financial or substantial, indicating that the past cooperation has generated sustainable results. 

The event was attended by approximately 100 academics, students and legal practitioners, including among others three supreme court judges and former head of the Indonesian Consititutional Court Mahfud MD. (Photo: Pusham UII)
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Published Apr. 27, 2018 1:46 PM - Last modified Dec. 14, 2018 1:15 PM