Teaching international human rights law for young Chinese scholars

In September 2018, NCHR guest lecturer Dr. River Kate Hustad was invited by several universities in Beijing and Shanghai.


Dr. River Kate Hustad at Renmin University. (Photo:UIO)

This lecture series is a result of an academic cooperation between the NCHR International Department and Chinese academic partners for the purpose of enhancing knowledge and exchanging views on issues related to international human rights law.   

Dr. Hustad gave presentations to undergraduate and postgraduate students on topics such as Gender Perspective in the Criminal Justice at Renmin University in Beijing, Poverty, Sustainable Development, and Human Rights and Poverty, women and human rights at Fudan University, as well as Equal Treatment from a Marxist Perspective at Shanghai University of Technology and Science.

Introducing interactive teaching 

Dr. River Kate Hustad at Fudan University (Photo: UIO)

In total Dr. Hustad's lectures attracted more than 100 young students. Dr. Hustad introduced issues related to poverty, women’s rights, gender equality and sexual harassment in international human rights law and international practice. Apart from the lectures, Hustad encouraged the students to raise question and discuss in the class by introducing the Socratic teaching method. 

Dr. Hustad was also a resource person at the second teacher training on Gender and Human Rights Education which took place in Shanghai in the end of September. This visit is a part of a scholar exchange programme initiated by the NCHR International Department.

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Published Oct. 11, 2018 3:21 PM - Last modified Nov. 24, 2018 12:43 AM