The China Programme awarded the Li Buyun Law Prize

As the first foreign organisation, the China Programme at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights received the Li Buyun Law Price this week.

The ceremony was jointly organized by Guangzhou University and the Shanghai Institute of Finance and Law. President Wei Minghai of Guangzhou University delivered the welcoming speech on behalf of the University.

The China Programme received the prize together with Chinese laurate, professor Liu Hainian from the China Academy of Law (CASS) at the Baiyun International Convention Center. 

The China Programme at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights has done outstanding work and played a very important role in promoting human rights education, research and the rule of law in China. Since the start the China Programme has been committed to long-term engagement and developing projects on the basis of mutual respect. - Professor Ban Wenzhan, representative of the the Li Buyun 2017 Award Committee.

In the award speech the Committee representative complemented the China Programme for its important work conducting human rights studies, and its important contributions to promoting human rights education, research and the rule of law in China. The Committee also focused on the great efforts and results in the area of equality and non-discrimination, promoting the new law on domestic violence, and publishing the first Chinese books on international human rights law and employment discrimination.

Honorary Dean, prof. Li Buyun together with Cecilie Figenschou Bakke, head of China and East-Asia at the NCHR.

Cecilie Figenschou Bakke has been the Director of the China Programme since 2006, and recieved the prize on behalf of the programme and the NCHR. 

We feel very honoured to receive this prize. To get recognition of our work from the Li Buyun Committe personally makes me very humble. None of the results achieved would have been possible without engaged Chinese academics and partners. The prize is a great encouragement to future cooperation projects in the area human rights, says Figenschou Bakke.

20 years of Sino-Norwegian Academic Cooperation

Being awarded this prize coincides with the 20th Anniversary of the China Programme. Representatives from the NCHR International Department and the Faculty of Law are currently in Beijing for academic meetings and to celebrate this milestone of two decades of Sino-Norwegian academic cooperation

Receiving this prize reinforces our conviction that long-term commitments yield results. The support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been vital in allowing for us to continue our work during all these years, says Bakke. 

News on the China Programme being awarded the prize has been reported via social media and in Chinese newspapers such as the South Daily, South News Net and The News Express.

The Li Buyun Law Prize was initiated by the Shanghai Institute of Finance and Law and aims to award individuals and organizations who have made eminent contributions to Chinese legal studies, Chinese and foreign studies and legal education exchange. This award is appraised and awarded to one Chinese Prize-winner and one non-Chinese prize winner each year. Mr Li Buyun, is an honorary member of the Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS), one of China’s outstanding jurist and the co-founder of Shanghai Institute of Finance and Law. The awarding appraisal committee consists of 16 renowned experts and scholars of law and is chaired by senior professor Zhang Wenxian, Vice- chairman of the China Law Society. Previous award laureates include Professor Randle R. Edwards, Professor Suzuki Keifu and Professor Gudmundur Alfredsson.

Published Nov. 30, 2017 6:42 AM