Discussing Disability, Sexuality and Gender in Asia

25 Asian academics and NGO representatives working on disability, gender and SOGI issues met in Kathmandu, Nepal 20-22 March to discuss a book project on disability, sexuality and gender in Asia.

Participants at the workshop in Kathmandu

The workshop was organised by the NCHR, the National Association of the Physical Disabled Nepal and the East Lake Institute at Wuhan University in China. The workshop is part of an on-going NCHR effort to strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations across Asia and to facilitate inter-Asia exchange on disability, gender and SOGI.

- Gender and sexuality often overlooked in disability rights discussions

This is the third meeting of a growing network on disability, gender and SOGI issues in Asia. Through this cooperation it has become apparent that there is not enough information and data available about the intersectionality of these issues.

Since gender and sexuality is often overlooked in discussions about disability rights, important rights issues linked to sexual desire, to gender equality or to sexual abuse of people with disabilities are also often ignored. The book will be an important contribution to more focused debates about disability rights in Asia, says Elisabeth Bjornstol, Head of Equality and non-discrimination at the NCHR International department.

Stories about disability, sexuality and gender across Asia

The book is expected to be published in 2020. The book will share stories and discuss cases on disability, sexuality and gender from China, Pakistan, Nepal, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Mongolia, Japan, South-Korea and Hong Kong.

Participants from Nepalese organisations working on disability issues

It has been eye-opening to meet and discuss with some of the contributors to the book, says Bjornstol. This book will bring new knowledge to a wider audience. The chapters will describe different disabilities, different rights issues and different local realities, but there are also many lessons and strategies that will have transfer value to other organisations working in the field of disability rights.

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