Pilot testing eLearning on Investigative Interviewing in Pakistan and Nigeria

Together with the UN Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) and Pakistani and Nigerian national police NCHR held two separate pilot testing events in Islamabad and Abuja last week.

Participants outside the National Police Academy in Islamabad on 29th March 2022. 

Participants outside the National Police Academy in Islamabad on 29th March 2022. Photo: UNODC Pakistan

How does the eLearning course on investigative interviewing perform in different contexts? Is it technically functional? The purpose of the pilot testing events in Islamabad and Abuja was to gather input on the utility of the technical features of the course. Participants were invited to give their feedback on the functionality of the online training resource from their perspective as practitioners. Prior to the pilot testing, the e-learning course has already been through an extensive peer review by experts and practitioners from different parts of the world. 

Applicability to law enforcement officers

The eLearning course aims at introducing a scientifically sound methodology for all forms of investigative interviews to police and other law enforcement officers. The eLearning course aims at building knowledge and inspiring reflections on practice. It could be used as a first introduction to investigative interviewing, or as an integral part of a blended-leaning approach. 

Lessons learned

Training participants in Abuja
Police officers/participants at the event in Abuja on 31 March. 

The pilot tests attracted high-level and experienced police officers from CIDs in both Islamabad and Abuja. The participants demonstrated a keen interest in training opportunities on investigative interviewing, but experienced challenges with internet connectivity during the events. 

In Abuja in particular, it was not possible for the participants to complete all three modules. This prompted some improvisation from NCHR and UNODC's team on ground to ensure that the participants gained knowledge and skills on investigative interviewing and had a take-back from the event.  

Valuable input

Both events provided the UNODC and NCHR with valuable input on the eLearning course and its accessibility. Despite technical difficulties, the participants showed great interest and perseverance to complete the course and to gain further knowledge about investigative interviewing.

Video presentation with pictures from the pilot event prepared by the UNODC country office in Pakistan.

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Published Apr. 7, 2022 10:03 AM - Last modified Apr. 7, 2022 3:57 PM