Lecturing on Civil and Political Rights in China

Professor Gentian Zyberi, head of the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, visited Peking University and gave a series of lectures on civil and political rights 5-12 May. 

Professor Gentian Zyberi (in the middle) together with Peking University students. (Photo: Peking University)

As part of the core rights course in the framework of their master-level program on human rights, professor Zyberi gave four lectures at Peking University during his recent week-long visit to Beijing. 

In addition, he gave a short training for law students participating in international moot courts. On 9 May, professor Zyberi delivered a Wang Tieya international law lecture focusing on "The Shaping of the Notion of ‘Control’ in the Law on International Responsibility by the Main International and Regional Courts".

Zyberi also met with Professor Shen Kui, Director of the Research Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law of the Peking University Law School, to discuss matters of future cooperation on human rights education.

Published May 15, 2019 10:12 AM - Last modified May 15, 2019 10:12 AM