International Programmes

As of Jan 1st, 2017, the NCHR International Programmes have merged into the NCHR International Department, which is organised thematically. Follow link for further information.

Country Programmes

The Indonesia Programme
The programme conducts activities in cooperation with state institutions, academic institutions and non- governmental organisations. Capacity building is central to nearly all of the Programme's activties.

The China Programme
The Programme performs activities which promote the development, understanding and application of international human rights standards in China. Long-term involvement and close collaboration with Chinese academic partners is the cornerstone of our work in China.

The Vietnam Programme
In cooperation with state, academic and international institutions, the Programme supports projects that facilitate a greater understanding of international human rights and a two way transfer of information between Vietnam and Norway.


Thematic Programme

The Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion or Belief
The coalition is an international network of representatives from religious and other life-stance communities, NGOs, international organisations and research institutes.


Previous programmes, now terminated

The China Autonomy Programme

The Socio-Economic Rights Programme, SERP

The ICC Legal Tools

The South Africa Programme


Results 2015 - Highlights


The NCHR Human Rights Academy

The NCHR Human Rights Academy offers comprehensive training in international human rights to practitioners, policy-makers, scholars and students. It provides four annual courses, which touch on practical and theoretical human rights issues.

The Norwegian Resource Bank for Democracy and Human Rights, NORDEM

NORDEM  was established in 1993, and  contributes highly qualified personnel to EU, OSCE and UN operations promoting human rights and democratisation.

NORDEM recruits, educates and assigns personnel affiliated with international human rights operations and election observations.