The China Autonomy Programme

The China Autonomy Programme was a research programme that concentrated on the implementation of minority rights in China. A specific focus of this research cooperation, with central and local research institutions in both China and Norway, was the implementation of the regional national autonomy system in a comparative perspective. The activities of the programme included academic dissertations, conferences, training and teaching.

The Programme took the form of institutional cooperation between the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) and four partner institutes in China.

The Chinese partner institutions included the Law School of Yunnan University (LSYU), the Inner Mongolian Academy of Social Sciences (IMASS), the Institute of Nationality Studies of Liangshang Yi Autonomous Prefecture (INS) and the Research Centre for Ethnic Issues in the State Ethnic Affairs Commission of the State Council (SEAC).

The purpose of the Programme was to provide research based knowledge on good governance of ethnic affairs for the democratic transition in China.

Activities included:

  • Research
  • Education
  • Policy/law Recommendation

Programme Director: Yong Zhou

Associate Professor:  Maria Lundberg


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