Competence building in Norway

A continuous priority for the China Programme has been to provide knowledge about China and human rights related issues to Norwegian government, academia, civil society and private sector.

Seminars and Briefings

A deeper understanding of the Chinese situation is fundamental, both to secure a well-informed debate in Norway, and to develop Norwegian capacity to enter into dialogue and cooperation with Chinese partners. The China programme organise seminars and briefings to provide information about current issues related to human rights and rule of law in China. We draw on many resources like external experts from our wide networks, visiting scholars, affiliated students in addition to China Programme staff..


Since 2003, the China programme has awarded scholarships to 24 Master students in Norway in order to encourage Norwegian students to carry out research on China and human rights related issues. Due to Budget cuts, the scholarship programme is on hold, but we hope to offer such opportunities again in the future.

Current and former scholarship holders


Each year the China programme employs 1-2 interns from the NCHR Master degree in human rights.


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