Human Rights Education

The China Programme works to further the development of human rights law education and research at Chinese universities and other institutions of higher learning.

The China Programme supported the first Human Rights Law textbook published in Chinese.


Courses and trainings

Since 1997, the China Programme has developed training courses in international human rights law for Chinese university teachers in partnership with Chinese academic institutions. These intensive teacher trainings courses typically focus on various aspects of international human rights law, curriculum development and teaching methods and over 500 teachers have attended courses so far. Participating teachers have later opened human rights law courses at more than 100 universities across China. The China programme have also developed trainings for judges, journalists, legal aid workers and other professional groups.


The China Programme supports production of Chinese language e-learning courses on human rights law in order to provide high quality, easily accessible and free resources that can be used by a wide variety of audiences interested in an introduction to international human rights law. This is a cooperation with the Raoul Wallenberg Institute and the Research Centre for Human Rights at Peking University.

NCHR Academy of Human Rights

The NCHR Academy of Human Rights organises annual introductory short courses on international human rights in Oslo. International applications are welcomed and every year the China Programme invites 5-7 Chinese academics, civil society workers and government officials to take part in the course.

National Human Rights Education Network Meeting

The China Programme and Nordic partners arrange annual network meetings where 60-100 Chinese university teachers from all over China can meet and discuss curriculum development, teaching methodology, and structure of human rights courses. The meetings are arranged in cooperation with a Chinese host institution.

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