The Indonesia Programme

The Indonesia Programme is run in conjunction with the Indonesian-Norwegian human rights dialogue.

The programme conducts activities aiming at further improving Indonesia’s human rights compliance by running projects addressing pertinent human rights issues in Indonesia.

Human Rights Education and Research

Activities aiming at improving the quality of human rights education in Indonesia is a key component of the Indonesia Programme's work.

The Role and Conduct of the Military

To provide inputs on human rights and the law of armed conflict to the Indonesian Armed Forces through trainings and other capacity building activities, is an important part of the Indonesia Programme's portfolio.

Administration of Justice

The Indonesia Programme support efforts to strengthen the transparency and predictability of the Indonesian judicial system.

Business and Human Rights

Through capacity-building and research, the aim is to create accountability and transparency around decision making related to business' access to land and natural resources.


A collection of useful links to resources on human rights and Indonesia.


Publications written by, or with support from, the Indonesia Programme.


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