How to become a NORDEM election observer?

NORDEM recruits new election observers to the NORDEM roster through a competitive and thorough screening process. NORDEM is currently not recruiting new election observers.

Recruitment criteria for NORDEM election observers:

  • Higher education within social sciences, law or a related field
  • Availability for 6-8 weeks assignments, on 1-3 weeks' notice
  • A minimum of three years' relevant work experience, preferably from international work
  • Experience with elections or information gathering, analysis and reporting
  • Proficiency in English
  • Fluency in either French, Spanish (CEF-level C1), Portuguese, Arabic (CEF-level B2) is an asset.
  • Good computer skills
  • Good health (medical certificates are required for many missions)
  • Norwegian citizenship and a valid passport
  • Excellent cooperation skills, flexibility and willingness to work in challenging conditions

Mandatory before deployment:

Once an observer is succesfully recruited to the NORDEM roster, it is mandatory to undertake the NORDEM Election Observation Training or the online Comprehensive Course for OSCE/ODIHR Observers before they can go on an election observation mission. NORDEM usually requires that an observer has been deployed twice as a short term observer (STO) before they can qualify as long term observer (LTO).

Selection of observers for each mission:

For each mission, election observers are recruited exclusively from the NORDEM roster. Selection is based on the requirements of each mission, such as language skills, regional expertise, election observation experience and gender. Feedback from previous missions and the need to build the competence of new observers, are also takes into consideration. Before each mission, a call for observers is sent out to all available observers on the NORDEM roster.


Published Apr. 13, 2015 10:01 AM - Last modified Apr. 28, 2016 11:07 AM