Partner organizations

NORDEM sends election observers to the following organizations:

OSCE/ODIHREuropean Union and The Carter Center

NORDEM can also send election experts and obervers to other international and regional organizations.

Photo: NORDEM/Petersen

Pursuing a career in international election observation?

The international organizations working in the field of election observation recruit members of Core Team and Expert Missions directly through a competitive process.

EU: Requests for candidatures for core team positions are normally announced on the home page of the EU FPI (Foreign Policy Instrument) well in advance of each mission.

ODIHR: In order to apply for core team positions and expert missions, you have to register your CV in the ODIHR Database of Election Experts. Vacancies are posted on their homepage prior to each mission.

The Carter Center recruits both observers and experts internationally and the positions are normally open for all nationalities. Vacancies are announced on their homepage.

NORDEM is a signatory to the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation

In 2013 NORDEM became a signatory to the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation. The Declaration was formally endorsed by representatives of 22 organizations at a ceremony hosted by the United Nations on 27 October 2005. Organizations that have endorsed the Declaration and the accompanying Code of Conduct pledge their commitment to assuring integrity and transparency in international election observation. While NORDEM has consistently worked in accordance with the Declaration and used the documents as guiding principles in our work, we were pleased to be able to formalise our commitment. Being a signatory, NORDEM meets annually with the major organizations within the field of election observation to discuss new challenges and development of methodology.

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