The Importance of Property Rights in a Post-Conflict Society

Lessons learned from property restitution in Kosovo

Photo: Cindy Tang Unsplash

Time: Monday 13 June, 12:00 - 15:30

Place: Professorboligen, Universitetet i Oslo

  • Why is property rights so important to address after a conflict?
  • How can property restitution promote voluntary return or ensure minority rights?  
  • Can some of the lessons learned from Kosovo be applied to a completely different context, like Colombia?

These are some of the issues we hope to touch upon.

To mark the end of a long collaboration between NORDEM and the Kosovo Property Agency as well as the Norwegian secondees' contribution to the agency's work, NORDEM is hosting a seminar on post-conflict property restitution. 

A panel of both scholars and practitioners will give their perspective on the importance of, and challenges related to, restitution of property after a conflict, lessons learned from the property restitution process in Kosovo and its relevance to such processes elsewhere.




Doors open. Fruit and coffee is served.


Introduction - NORDEM


The importance of property rights after a conflict and a case study from Kosovo – Dr. Dimo Todorovski (Faculty ITC, University of Twente)


Challenges in a property restitution process – Prof. Megan Ballard (Gonzaga University, School of Law)




Lessons learned from the Kosovo Property Agency – Deputy Director Florije (KPA) and Elise Thoen – former Legal Officer to the KPA (seconded by NORDEM) and office of the Kosovo Property Claims Commission (KPCC).


Questions and discussion


Closing remarks - The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Afterwards the participants are welcome to join us for a buffet dinner to discuss and share experiences with former secondees to the KPA and HPD.


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