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NORDEM have sent two long-term observers and four short-term observers to the 2016 Parliamentary elections.

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Twenty-six professionals from various backgrounds and enrolled in field missions from Tajikistan to DR Congo, gathered at Tyrifjord hotel from 19-21 September to attend the NORDEM Training in International Applied Human Rights Work.

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The new version of the Handbook for European Union Election Observation is now avaiable online.

This third edition provides updated practical guidelines for EU observers and core team. In particular it provides more guidance on voter registration (including use of biometrics), campaign finance, online election-related content, new election technologies and participation of persons with disabilities.

It also brings up to date the functioning of a mission in the field, including on security, deployment and reporting.  

The new handbook can be accessed here.

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2015 saw the continuation of the crisis in Ukraine, historic events such as the elections in Myanmar and the peaceful transition of power in Nigeria.


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The priority thematic issues at the meeting in Johannesburg were: The growing trend of entrenched incumbency, Support to civil society groups working in closed societies, Conflict and electoral violence, Disability and other inclusivity issues, and Money in politics and abuse of state resources.

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NORDEM’s Asgeir Rustad is one of 32 international short term observers that will be deployed throughout Ghana to observe the forthcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections the 7th of December.

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NORDEM is sending one long-term observer  to the European Union’s election observation mission (EOM) to Peru.

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NORDEM is sending two observers to Jordan for the General Elections on 20 September - Hans Christen Knævelsrud and Kristina Johansen.

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Four NORDEM observers are observing the early Parliamentary Elections in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia the 11th of December.

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NORDEM is sending election observers to Moldova for the Presidential elections on the 30th of October.

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NORDEM is sending two long-term observers and four short-term observers to the elections which are to be held on 29 June.

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NORDEM have sent three long-term observers and five short-term observers to the 2016 legislative elections.

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NORDEM is sending one long-term observer and four short-term observers to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

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This thematic paper argues that the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) has not reached its full potential in fulfilling all parts of its mandate, and that by improving its efforts in dialogue facilitation it would increase its impact on the ground in the conflict area of Eastern Ukraine.

Read more about the author's experience working for the SMM 

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New members of the NORDEM roster participated in the NORDEM Introductory Course to Election Observation on 24 August.

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The last day at the office for two of NORDEM's secondees did not just mark the end of an interesting and challenging assignment, but also the end of a long and fruitful cooperation with one of NORDEM's receiving organizations in Kosovo.

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Neving Rudskjær has had the unique opportunity to report first hand from the situation in Tajikistan through the mandate of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

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The Organisation for Security and Co-operation (OSCE) and their Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODHIR) is said to define the ‘Golden Standard’ for election observation.

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Mette Bakken, NORDEMs seconded election expert to International IDEA, writes about the upcoming elections in Africa in an article published by IDEA.  

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Linking spatial and social planning processes is essential to prevent violence as rapid urbanisation poses significant risks, especially in fragile societies.