NORDEM Election Observer to Ghana

NORDEM’s Asgeir Rustad is one of 32 international short term observers that will be deployed throughout Ghana to observe the forthcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections the 7th of December.

The Election Observation Mission (EOM) was deployed by the European Union in response to an invitation by the authorities of Ghana. The EOM consists of a core team of election experts, 24 long term observers (LTOs) and 32 short term observers (STOs). They will later be joined by diplomats from EU Member States resident in Ghana, and a delegation of six Members of the European Parliament, bringing the total number of observers to well over 80.

The main objectives of election observation are to strengthen respect for fundamental freedoms and civil and political rights, enhance public confidence in the electoral and democratic processes, and to contribute, where relevant, towards the prevention or resolution of conflicts.

Election Observation

The EU EOM to Ghana will assess whether the elections are in keeping with the country’s international, regional and national constitutional commitments and obligations, and whether the legal framework conforms to regional and universal standards for elections. The EOM should not interfere with the electoral process, but provides an informed, comprehensive and impartial analysis of the entire electoral process in line with established EU methodology.

Findings of the mission

A Preliminary Statement on the findings of the mission is issued shortly after the elections. This statement outlines the EOM’s initial assessment prior to the completion of the electoral process. A comprehensive Final Report, with recommendations for improvements for future elections, will be published approximately two months later.

Published Dec. 1, 2016 9:40 AM - Last modified Dec. 1, 2016 9:40 AM