High participation at NORDEM's annual human rights training

Twenty-six professionals from various backgrounds and enrolled in field missions from Tajikistan to DR Congo, gathered at Tyrifjord hotel from 19-21 September to attend the NORDEM Training in International Applied Human Rights Work.

The twenty-six participants together with course instructors William O’Neill and Susanne Ringgard Perdersen, and facilitators from NORDEM Silje Holand Wilhelmsen and Susanne Flølo.

Human Rights in Practice  

The aim of this yearly event is to provide the participants with the tools and skills necessary to integrate and promote human rights into their work for an international organization. It covers the whole cycle of human rights monitoring as the basis for human rights advocacy and capacity building. Which includes: applied international human rights law, and humanitarian law, human rights missions, UN peace operations, the OSCE mandate and structure, human rights monitoring, gender perspectives in field operations, capacity building, fieldwork experiences, and cultural sensitivity, advocacy and persuasive communication.


Mapping out the human rights actors with instructor Susanne Ringgard Pedersen 


Skilled instructors

The Instructors, who have been instructors for NORDEM's training several times, were the highly skilled human rights advocates William O’Neill (USA) and Susanne Ringgard Pedersen (Denmark). O’Neill and Pedersen have extensive experience in the fields of law, human rights and peacekeeping missions and training. Their hands on experience from the field is much appreciated by the participants, one claiming that:

“You lived up to the applied element of the training. There were many good and varied exercises and the presentations were dynamic and never boring”

Highly experienced participants

All of the participants are professionals with backgrounds in fields such as human rights, humanitarian work, democratization, and Rule of Law. They were promoted to the training by their respective organizations including the OSCE, Styrkebrønnen, NorCap, Norad and Statoil. In addition several of NORDEM's roster members and secondees currently on missions participated in the training.  



Published Oct. 4, 2016 2:17 PM - Last modified Oct. 4, 2016 4:56 PM