Roster members are recruited through a competitive and thorough screening process.

One of the steps in this process is to write a short and focused application. We have made an illustration to help in this writing. Many organizations also request candidates to fill in an on-line Application form. Here are some guidelines on how to write Effective Skill Statements and a list with useful verbs and expressions.  

NORDEM uses competency based interviews, which is also the interview form most widely used by the receiving organisations of our personnel.

Recruitment to the NORDEM roster

NORDEM arranges recruitments to the roster based on demand. The next recruitment to the roster is likely to take place in the spring of 2016 and will be announced on our web pages and Candidates applying for a specific assignment may also be considered for admission to the roster. Non-Norwegian residents/citizens may apply for specific long term vacancies but are not eligible for the roster.


For long term assignments, the recruitment criteria usually include:

  • Higher education within social sciences, law or a related field
  • Availability for 6-12 month assignments
  • A minimum of three years' relevant work experience, preferably from international work
  • Work experience in sought after fields, such as: law, human rights, gender, non-discrimination, anti-trafficking, election administration, democratisation, institution building, good governance etc.
  • Experience in competency building, mentoring, advice
  • Proficiency in English
  • Fluency in either Russian, French or Arabic (CEF-level B2) may be required
  • Good computer skills
  • Good health (medical certificates are required for many missions)
  • Norwegian citizenship and a valid passport
  • Excellent cooperation skills, flexibility and willingness to work in challenging condition


Recruitment to specific assignments

Long term assignments

Personell to long term assignments within human rights and democratisation are recruited both from the NORDEM roster and through vacancies posted on our web pages and on the These positions are open also to candidates who have not already been admitted to the roster. Candidates are screened based on the criteria in the receiving organisation's vacancy announcement and selected in close cooperation with the receiving organisation. Some of the long term positions NORDEM seconds to are open to citizens of other countries, primarily citizens of countries from the global South. Normally qualified Norwegian citizens or residents will be preferred.

Current vacancies

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