NORDEM manual on human rights monitoring

NORDEM’s manual on human rights monitoring, Manual on Human Rights Monitoring. An Introduction for Human Rights Field Officers (Oslo: Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, 2008), is intended as a practical tool for human rights field workers. It is also used for training purposes, for example as background material for the NORDEM Basic Training Course. The manual has recently been updated and is edited by Siri Skåre, Ingvild Burkey and Hege Mørk.

Complete manual

NORDEM manual (Self-extracting RAR archive, 1.6MB)

Individual chapters

Preface (pdf)

Chapter 1: The United Nations, Democracy and Human Rights (pdf) by Anne Gallagher

Chapter 2: The International Human Rights System  (pdf) by William G. O´Neill and Annette Lyth

Chapter 3: Working in The Field for the UN and Other IGOs: Human Rights Operations (pdf) by Paul LaRose-Edwards

Chapter 4: Non-Governmental Organisations (pdf) by Maja Kirilova Eriksson

Chapter 5: How to Recognise Human Rights Issues in Practice (pdf) by William G. O´Neill

Chapter 6: Human Rights Monitoring (pdf) by Marit Mæhlum

Chapter 7: Monitoring the Administration of Justice  (pdf) by William G. O' Neill

Chapter 8: Trial Observation (pdf) by Tor Bøhler, Trond Dolva, Donna Gomien and Marit Mæhlum

Chapter 9: Election Observation Handbook (pdf) by Siri Skåre and Kåre Vollan

Chapter 10: Human Rights Professionals and the Criminal Investigation and Prosecution of Core International Crimes (pdf) by Morten Bergsmo and Wlliam H. Wiley

Chapter 11: Health, Safety and Security (pdf) by Miles Martin

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