Training and Capacity Building

NORDEM Preparatory Courses for International Assignments

NORDEM provides trainings to members of the NORDEM roster to help them prepare for international assignments.The courses are based upon practical experiences and lessons learned and also provide a basic theoretical introduction to relevant international standards. NORDEM trainers are international experts with relevant field and training experience.

NORDEM Training in International Applied Human Rights Work
The aim of this course is for the participants to gain basic knowledge about the legal and political framework on human rights and to provide the tools and skills necessary to integrate and promote human rights into their work.

NORDEM Training Courses in Election Observation
The aim of these trainings is to prepare participants for international election observation.The courses cover many aspects of election observation, including the structure, mandate and workings of election observation missions, international electoral standards, short term observation and election observation in context.

NORDEM Specialised Trainings

NORDEM develops course outlines and conducts specific trainings on request. Such trainings have for example been held for members of the Norwegian Parliament and journalists from the news network Al Jazeera. NORDEM has since 2004 supported the Norwegian Ministry of Justice in arranging introductory field training in human rights and rule of law for the Ministry’s rule of law roster.

External trainings

In order to enhance the capacity of personnel already on mission and meet training needs that are not covered by NORDEM’ own trainings, NORDEM facilitates participation in specialised trainings offered by other institutions. NORDEM's Competency Development Policy aims to provide roster members currently on long term assignments with opportunities to strengthen their professional capacities by supporting and subsidizing their participation in relevant external training. Secondees are encouraged to seek information about courses that are relevant to their current position.

In order to have course expenses covered by NORDEM, the secondee must submit a written justification to NORDEM, well in advance of the course application deadline. NORDEM may cover up to €2000 for training courses, subject to NORDEM's advance written approval. Cost sharing with the receiving organization is desirable.

NORDEM is the Norwegian focal point for trainings offered by Entri, which offers trainings aimed at experts who are on mission or about to join a civilian crisis management mission.

For more information on external courses see our list of selected external trainings.

A number of online trainings are either mandatory or recommended for different types of NORDEM assignments.

We recommend all members of the roster to participate in first aid trainings.

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