4: The Working Group on Indonesia

Key words for Oslo Coalition’s Indonesia project are: FORB and women’s rights, religious minorities, tolerance and peaceful coexistence across borders of religion and belief, actions against extremism.

Ruma Kitab seminar on fundamentalism


The Oslo Coalition has during the last decade been working with networking and projects to promote FORB in Indonesia. OC's objectives are in line with the recommendations of the Norwegian-Indonesian human rights dialogue in 2012, particularly sections 3 and 5:

“Education in tolerance and respect is crucial. We live in society with conflicting interests and need new skills to deal with it as well as arenas for dialogue and mediation;” and “Joint projects between Indonesia and Norway in fostering tolerance should be realized through education and training. Universities in Indonesia and Norway should work together in making modules curricula on Human Rights to disseminate its values and norms in the local context.”

Keywords for the work in Indonesia are:  FORB and rights of women, religious minorities, tolerance and peaceful coexistence across religious and philosophical borders, combating extremism.

Current Focus

In 2014, in cooperation with our local partners, we are pursuing the following topics:

  • Civic Education programme to reduce intolerance and religious violence
  • Education of civil servants at local level on Sharia and Human Rights
  • Towards a practical theology on religious freedom in Indonesia: Workshop for experts and activist with different religious affiliations. The aim of the workshop is a collection of articles
  • Interfaith Marriages and Freedom of Religion or Belief in Indonesia – Cooperation between Percik and faculty of law at (STAIN) preparing candidates for public office (New)
  • Master Level Course in Sharia and Human Rights



Lena Larsen

Working group members

Dag Kaspersen
Pieternella van Doorn Harder
Lena Larsen 
Aksel Tømte 

Partner organisations

Rumah Kitab (Institute for Studies, Research and Empowerment based on Kitab Kuning)


PERCIK (Institute for Social Research, Democracy and Social Justice)

Center for Religious and Cross-Cultural Studies (in UGM Yogyakarta)

University of Mohammadiya, Malang


Pendidikan Karakter Berbasis Tradisi Pesantren

Attitudes to Human Rights and Freedom of Religion or Belief in Indonesia

Syamsul Arifin, edited/translated by Nelly Van Doorn-Harder, Tore Lindholm and Nicole Colbran

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